Report on Internet Club Fall Meet / インターネット・クラブ(IIEC)秋の例会の報告

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Report on Internet Club Fall Meet / インターネット・クラブ(IIEC)秋の例会の報告

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(English message is after the Japanese message)

11月13日(日) JCCC 2階 ヒロコ バラル ルーム。1pm-。


[] HBRにinternet? iPad、iPhoneの普及、Rogers USB stickなどある現在、$500/yrの
[] 空港の無料WiFiが民間会社契約の有料に移る気配があり。
[] Accountの情報などを要請するphishingに注意。沢山来る。
[] Computerがslow。HDのFATのdefragment(HELPから)が助けになる場合あり。
[] E-mailのAttachmentがそのままでは開かない-->一度 saveすると開くことあり。
[] Virus scanが以前2時間、今4時間。HDの中のfilesの多さに比例する。
[] Virus: Keystrokeをmonitorするものあり。銀行などそれに対処しつつある。
[] 銀行:同じcomputerからはすぐ入れる。別のcomputerからだと質問が出る。
[] Notebookは便利だがDVDなし-->ExternalまたはUSB Stickを活用。
[] HDをreformatしてもfilesは消えない、Overwriteした部分だけrestore不可能。
[] NERO: DVD writing programme。
[] Harddiskの付いたDVD recorderが最近はない。TV Programmeのcopyに便利。
[] TV放送のAnalogue-->Digitalは8月末だった。Cable使用者は問題ない。
[] Boxing Day Salesは意味あるかどうかのいろいろな議論。
[] さびたねじの外し方。
[] OnlineのHELP deskに行くと向こうはこっちのcompuerに入っていろいろやっている。
[] 無線クラブに近況。東日本震災時携帯がダメだった時活躍。日本無線連盟。




[*] Report on IIEC Fall Meet

November 13, Hiroko Barall Room in the 2nd floor, JCCC. 1pm-.
[*] Financial Report

[Balance at the beginning of the Spring Meeting April 17]: $1158.14
* Spring Meet Admission (April 17):$34
* Donation: $10
* Coffee Set Rental $10 x 3 = $30
------>Total Revenue: $74
* Spring Meet Space Charge (April 17):$34
* Meeting supplies (April 17): $2.09
* Coffee bean purchase (July 10): $5.88
------>Total Expenses: $41.97
[Balance at the beginning of the Fall meet]: $1190.17
[*] No seminar - The topics that were discussed

[] Internet in the HBR? More availability of iPad, iPhone, Rogers USB sticks etc.
Can we justify $500/yr internet expense?
[] A trend of moving the free WiFi at airports to private company services with fee.
[] Watch out - phishing requesting bank or e-mail account information etc.
[] Computer is slow. Defragmenting the Harddisk may help speeding up (from HELP).
[] Attachment in e-mail does not open --> Save once then it may open.
[] Virus scan was 2 hrs. Now it is 4 hrs. Proportional to the amount of files in HD?
[] Virus: Some monitors the keystrokes. Banks are acting on such viruses.
[] Bank accounts: Can enter from the same computer without password, but not
from others.
[] Notebook is handy but no DVD -->External or utilize USB Sticks.
[] Files do not go away after HD reformat. Only overwrite will erase the old files.
[] NERO: DVD writing programme.
[] DVD recorder c/w harddisk for copying TV programs. Cannot find it today.
[] TV moved from analogue to digital at the end of August. No need to do for cable.
[] Discussions on Boxing Day Sales. Is it worth bothering? Depends.
[] How to remove corroded screws.
[] Online HELP desk. They come inside your computer to do diagnostics.
[] Ham club today. It helped when cell phone did not work during the disaster in Japan.

... etc., etc.

[] IIEC Meetings: Twice a year, normally 3rd Sundays of Apr and Oct.
[] If needed we will meet more often.
[] Seminar topics do not need to be related to internet or computer.

If you have corrections or additions, please forward them to IIECML

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