(ENG/日本語) Canada Runs For Japan Orientation Workshop at U of T's JCSA

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(ENG/日本語) Canada Runs For Japan Orientation Workshop at U of T's JCSA

Post  Temp on Tue Aug 16, 2011 8:42 am

Canada Runs For Japan is looking for runners and volunteers who'd like to support Japan's rebuilding efforts. Please attend this orientation workshop at the JCSA, or contact CRFJ at letsrunforjapantoronto@gmail.com.

Who? Canada Runs For Japan in cooperation with The Japan Canada Student Association at the University of Toronto
When? 12:00-14:00, Saturday August 20th
Where? Room 3201, Sandford Fleming Building, University of Toronto
What? Volunteer Info Session (English and Japanese日本語も英語も)
How Much? All JCSA Workshops are free. 全てのJCSAワークショップは無料
RSVP not necessary. 事前予約不必要.


A message from the workshop speakers:

大切なのは続けること。マラソンも復興支援も同じです。​トロントからカナダ全土へ、そして日本へ広がるラングル​ープ『Canada Runs For

Perseverance. Never giving up on what's important. Perseverance takes us to the finish line, whether in a marathon or in rebuilding disaster-affected areas. Growing from Toronto across Canada, and extending a helping hand to Japan, please lend your support to Canada Runs For Japan. We will be holding an Orientation Workshop for people interested in running or volunteering at the JCSA this Saturday. Please come if you are interested, or contact us at letsrunforjapantoronto@gma​il.com.


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