Report on IIEC Fall Meet / IIEC秋の例会の報告

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Report on IIEC Fall Meet / IIEC秋の例会の報告

Post  IIEC on Fri Dec 10, 2010 3:03 pm

Internet Information Exchange Club (IIEC)
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(English message is after the Japanese message)

12月4日(土) JCCC 2階 ヒロコ バラル ルーム。1pm-4pm。

落成式が終ったばかりの明るいヒロコ バラル ルームで講師を入れて13人の参加者が集まり、久しぶりの会員も多くいて、いろいろな問題や話題、親睦と近況の交換の楽しく有意義な時間を過ごしました。下記の写真を見て下さい。

コーヒーセット貸し出しx2 (8月14日/11月02日):$20
●セミナー:Cloud Computing - 講師:森貞(IBM)

[] PCが出る前のTerminal-->Serverの形に戻る。OS+Browserがあれば良い。
[] MSN site: Officeのsoftware-->無料、Google:同様のsoftware-->無料。
[] Softwareはlocalのものと全く同じ。使っている感覚も変わらない。
[] File sharingはsecurity levelがいろいろあり。
[] 通信スピード:光ファイバーの広がり、回線の信頼性。
[] Dataを送って解析してもらうサービスの登場。
[] 政治的管理目的に使われる可能性。
* セミナーでNJCAのProjectorを使用。今後のpresentationに便利。

[] 英語のWindowsを完全な日本語(メニューも)にする-->Region & Language
[] Sony VAIO PocketbookはHDがsolid state-->落としても大丈夫。
[] Laptop/notebookを買う時:Keyboard/Screen/Scrollが大きな要素。
[] 英語keyborad「QWERTY」配置に比べFrench/日本語keyboardは使いにくい。
[] 本を読むタブレットいろいろあり。Onlineのものはその出版社の本のみ。
[] Rogersのe-mailはが運営している。
[] E-mailを開いた時に「Serverに残す」かどうかの設定に注意。
[] Rogers stick $30-->E-mailくらいしか使えない。
[] PDFのsaveには2種類あり。「写真」と同じかOCRが可能か。
[] VCR player-->DVD recorder (HD typeが良い)-->TVでmonitor。
[] Recordの音楽をCD/DVDに。Sony style-->USB。
[] MP3の音楽をCDに:先日の赤岡さんの投稿を参照。
[] LCD TVは音が良くない-->Sound bar $200はとても良い。
[] サテライトを屋内で受信-->鉛の入っているガラスを通さない-->変える。




[*] Report on IIEC Fall Meet

December 4, Sat, Hiroko Barall Room in the 2nd floor, JCCC. 1pm-4pm.

Thirteen IIEC members gathered in the newly opened bright Hiroko Barall Room. We had the members we haven't seem for some time. We enjoyed the useful time of seminar, socializing and information exchanging on many interesting topics. See apicture below.
[*] Financial Report

[Balance at the beginning of the spring Meeting]: $1128.35
* Fall Meet Admission (April 18):$25
* Coffee Set Rental x 2 (Aug 14 / Nov 02):$20
------>Total Revenue: $45
* Spring Meet Space Charge (April 18):$25
* Spring Meet Supply (April 18)):$6.48
* Bags for tea (Nov 02): $4.47
* Sugar (November 13): $2.21
------>Total Expenses: $38.16
[Balance at the beginning of the Fall meet]: $1135.19
[*] Seminar on Cloud Computing by Mr Morisada (IBM)

[] Returning to the days of Terminal (OS+Browser)-->Server system.
[] Office in MSN site is free. Similar software in Google is free.
[] Feel of the Software is identical to the local ones.
[] Various security levels for File sharing.
[] Thanks to the spread of fiber optics. Reliability of lines is a key.
[] Appearance of services where your data is analyzed.
[] Concern of interferences by government for political purposes.
* NJCA Projector was used in the seminar.
[*] Topics Discussed

[] Convert English Windows to a complete Japanese Windows c/w menu
---> Region & Language
[] HD of Sony VAIO Pocketbook is a solid state. OK when dropped.
[] When buying Laptop/notebook, watch for Keyboard/Screen/Scroll.
[] English keyboard is in QWERTY order while others are different.
[] Many tablet for e-books. Publishers provide only their books Online.
[] Japanese e-mail is unstable in is a totally separate company.
[] E-mail of Rogers is managed by
[] Choice of leaving or delete of E-mail at servers when opening e-mail.
[] Rogers stick $30-->Useful only for E-mail. Not worth it.
[] Two settings for PDF save. Like a picture or enabling OCR.
[] VCR player-->DVD recorder (HD type is better)-->Monitor on TV.
[] Music on records to CD/DVD. Sony style-->USB。
[] Music on MP3 to CD. See e-mail from Mr Akaoka the other day.
[] Sound quality of LCD TV is not good -->Sound bar $200 is excellent.
[] Receiving satellite signals inside house-->Window glasses that contain lead will stop the signal.

...etc., etc.

[] IIEC Meetings: Twice a year, normally 3rd Sundays of Apr and Oct.
[] If needed we will meet more often.
[] If you have corrections or additions, please forward them to IIECML

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