Internet Club Fall Meet / インターネットクラブ 秋の例会 Dec 4(Sat) 1pm-4pm

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Internet Club Fall Meet / インターネットクラブ 秋の例会 Dec 4(Sat) 1pm-4pm

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(English message is after the Japanese message)
●インターネット・クラブ(IIEC)-秋の例会 12月4日(土)1pm-4pm


◇セミナー:Cloud Computing
- Softwareよさようなら。Internet basedのcomputingです。
- 他にも面白い話題を話したい方、遠慮なく連絡下さい。
◇日系文化会館2階 Hiroko Barall Room (下記の説明を見て下さい)
◇問い合わせ:高部(416) 461-5575:三浦

★Hiroko Barall Room
[*] Internet Club (IIEC) Fall Meeting - Dec 4 (Sat) 1pm-4pm

* Due to the difficulties in booking a room at the JCCC in November
and the lecturer cannot come on Sunday, we have the meet on Saturday.

[] Lecture: Cloud Computing
- Good bye to software installation. Talk on internet based computing.
- If you have other interesting talks, bring them in. Let me know.
[] Information exchange, Q&A and socializing.
[] Bring tough questions and interesting stories.
[] Hiroko Barall Room at JCCC. Please see the note below).
[] NJCA Member $3 non-memeber $5: toward refreshment and space charge.
You can join NJCA on the day.
[] Contact: Mr Takabe (416) 461-5575 Mr Miura:

* Hiroko Barall Room
It has been a dream of Ijusha to have its own social gathering place.
Now we have it in the JCCC! The opening reception is on Nov 27. The
IIEC will be one of the first groups to use the room for its activities.
So, folks, come to see the bright new room and smell the nice fresh
paint. See the direction below:

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