Carry-on item up-date / 機内持込手荷物規定に関して

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Carry-on item up-date / 機内持込手荷物規定に関して

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Dear Customer:

Canada’s Transport Minister John Baird today announced that airline passengers who are travelling to the United States are now permitted to bring one carry-on bag with some small exceptions. This new measure replaces the temporary restriction on carry-on bags introduced as a result of the December 25, 2009 security incident on Northwest Flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit.

One Carry-On Bag Allowed for Passengers Travelling to the United States

Transport Canada now permits one small carry-on bag for airline passengers who are travelling to the United States. This carry-on bag must not exceed a size of 23 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm (9 in x 16 in x 22 in), which is equivalent to the size of a small gym bag. The carry-on bag must fit into an airport’s carry-on baggage sizer.

Items such as reading material, personal electronics, and medications must be stored in the passenger’s carry-on bag, and packed prior to the security check.

As always, the Government of Canada is ensuring that exceptions are made to accommodate travellers with medical conditions or travelling with small children:

- A cane, walker,
- crutches or other life-sustaining items may be carried in addition to the carry-on bag.
- Medical equipment (oxygen tank, doctor’s bag) may be carried in addition to the carry-on bag.
- Diaper bags and other essential items for those carrying infants may be carried in addition to the carry-on bag.

Exemptions Include:

One of the following will be permitted in addition to the carry-on bag:

- a purse or laptop or briefcase or camera bag;
- a musical instrument;
- pets;
- all duty free items purchased after the security check.

Maximum Size for Carry-On Bag


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カナダ運輸省は昨年末来、応急処置として客室内持込手荷物の規制を強化しておりましたが、1月19日にこの規制を緩和すると発表致しました。1月20からキャリーオンバッグ一個(最大サイズ23 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm (9 in x 16 in x 22 in)),これは空港に備えてある規定荷物サイズを測る器具に入るものである事、加えて書物、個人的に使用する小型電化製品、薬品などを入れたポーチや小型のバッグ類の持込が許可されてます。








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