Report on IIEC Spring Meet / IIEC春の例会の報告 April 22 (Sun)

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Report on IIEC Spring Meet / IIEC春の例会の報告 April 22 (Sun) Empty Report on IIEC Spring Meet / IIEC春の例会の報告 April 22 (Sun)

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[ltr](English message follows the Japanese message)


4月22日 (日) J-Town半地下。1pm-4pm。


[] 会社のinternetが複数の人が使うと遅くなる。Speed check >500Kbp(?)。ケーブルで接続。
[] 家のBell WiFiが頻繁に切れる。友達のcomputer/tabletを使っても同じ事が起こる。(1) 切れた時にBellに電話、(2) Routerを替えてもらう。
[] WiFi resetの仕方: Power supply disconnect-->30秒待つ-->reconnect。絶対に「reset」buttonを押さぬこと。Factory default settingになってしまう。
[] Windows 10が頻繁にupgradeする。その後うまくrebootしなかったり、softwareがうまく働かなくなったりする事がある。次のupgradeで治る事もある。
[] Google検索で中国語の結果ばかり出て来る-->ひらがな、例えば「の」とか検索に入れてやる。
[] 古い建物で光ファイバーから電話線経由で来る場合internet speedは落ちるのか。

[] TVをRogersからBellに替えたらとても良くなった。
[] Bellのcellは高い。Fidoが安い。
[] Income Tax / RRSP / RIFの話。
[] SIN#は特殊な場合は替える方法がある。日本の「My Card」は危険。
[] 日本のPassport更新には「My Card」が(通常)必要。
[] 日本の古いpassportは期限がなかった。帰国した時点で切れた。
[] 二重国籍の話 / Last nameの話。日本国籍を復活する話。
[] 旅行のいろいろな話:Iceland、カナダでオーロラ、Oman、India/Nepal、Israelなど。
[] 先日のsnow stormと停電の話。


[*]Report on IIEC Spring Meet

April 22 (Sun), J-Town Basement. 1pm-4pm.

[*]Subjects discussed:

It was a beautiful day.  Three people informed me that they could not join, one person did not know the exact location, ending up with about half the number of attendees in normal meetings.  Yet, we had lively discussions with a lot of laughs for 3 hours.

If you have answers or information regarding the problems and questions below, please send them to the IIECML.

[Internet/Computer related]
[] Internet gets very slow when multiple people use their computers in the office.  Speed check >500Kbp(?).  They are connected by cables.
[] Bell WiFi disconnects frequently at home.  The same thing happens with friend's computer and tablet.  (1) Call Bell when disconnect happens, (2) Replace Router.
[] How to reset WiFi router.  Power supply disconnect-->Wait for 30 sec-->reconnect.  Do not press "reset" button.  It reset to the factory default setting.
[] Windows 10 is upgraded quite often.  After that sometimes it does not reboot properly or some software does not function properly.  Sometimes the next upgrade fixes them.
[] Google search picks up Chinese too often.  Insert Hiraganas somewhere in the search words.
[] Does the internet speed go down when old houses are connected by telephone line at the end of fibre optic cable?

[Other subjects talked]
[] Changed the TV service from Rogers to Bell --> Great TV.
[] Cell by Bell is very expensive.  Fido is cheaper.
[] Talks on Income Tax / RRSP / RIF.
[] There is a way to change SIN# under special conditions.  "My Card" in Japan is dangerous.
[] Renewing Japanese passport requires My Card in most cases.
[] There was no expiring date in the old Japanese passport.  It expired when you returned to Japan.
[] Dual citizenships and reclaiming the Japanese citizenship.
[] A lot of stories on travels: Iceland, Aurora in Canada, Oman, India/Nepal, Israel etc.
[] Snow storm and black out last week.

... etc., etc. It was full of laughter for 3 hours.  The place had comfortable sofa and chairs.  We had a relaxed good time.

Nobby Miura 三浦信義 P.Eng., M.Eng.


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