Weekend DVP Closure + TTC Bus to J-Town

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Weekend DVP Closure + TTC Bus to J-Town

Post  IIEC on Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:40 am



[] Yonge Line Finch駅より#53 bus
[] Bus stop 3381 Steeles Ave Eastで下車(Woodbine stopの次)
[] Finch駅より約25分。

インターネット・クラブ春の例会への:電話問い合わせ( 電話番号変更):
416-890-8723 高部


The entire length in both directions of the DVP will be closed this weekend.  If you are planning to come to the meeting, please note.

For people coming by the TTC Bus:
[] Take #53 bus from the Finch Subway station on the Yonge Line.
[] Get off the bus at the stop "3381 Steeles Ave East" (The next stop of the Woodbine Ave stop)
[] Approx. 25 min from the Finch station.

The telephone contact for the meeting (The number was changed):
416-890-8723 Bardy Takabe.

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