[NJCA] NJCA BBQ Party Picture Page / 新移住者協会 BBQパーティー写真ページ

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[NJCA] NJCA BBQ Party Picture Page / 新移住者協会 BBQパーティー写真ページ

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(English message is after the Japanese message)

[] トロント新移住者協会・日系文化会館、夏のBBQパーティー写真ページ





Dear the people in the JC Community
[] Picture page of NJCA JCCC Summer BBQ Party

The New Japanese Canadian Association (NJCA) with the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC) held the annual summer BBQ party on August 30 at the JCCC. This year it was also a celebration of the NJCA receiving
the Japanese Foreign Ministry Appreciation Award.

Under a comfortable summer weather, 411 people came to join the party and enjoyed the summer afternoon together. This was the largest crowd in the history of the NJCA BBQ Party.

Everyone enjoyed the famous all-you-can eat BBQ meat, sausages, corns, cold fruits etc. In addition, many booths offered many interesting things from sweet shaved ice to Japanese sweets and others.

With drinks from cash bar, children's games, songs by Toronto Utagoe, and door prizes, everyone had a great time in the summer afternoon.

Please see the pictures of the exciting BBQ Party below:
Click here for the pictures s

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