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(English message is after the Japanese message)



[] Rogers.comとYahoo.comはからの個人メールを全面的に拒否している。
[] Rogers.comとYahoo.comからへの個人メールは大丈夫。使用者で、Rogers.comとYahoo.com使用者へ個人メールを送りたい場合は以外のmail account、例えばGmailやHotmailから送ることをお勧めします。

Rogers.comとYahoo.comのwebの情報によるとから大量のspam mailが送られた為、からのメールはpermanent(永久に)に拒否すると書いてあります。使用者は気がついていると思いますが、9月月末から5日間ほどではかなりの障害がありました。Hardwareの問題でhackerなどにやられたのではないと言っていますが、この問題に関係があるような気がしています。





Since the end of September, there is a problem in exchanging direct e-mail between and as described below.  (There is no problem in exchanging posts through MLs.  It is a problem in direct mail only).

[] and are refusing accepting all direct e-mail from
[] and can send direct e-mail to

If you are using a account, I suggest you to send e-mail to and/or using an e-mail account other than, such as Gmail or Hotmail.

According to the web information from and, a large volume of spam mail was sent out from  Thus, and are blocking all direct e-mail from permanently.  

If you are a user of, you noticed that had some sort of a major problem from the end of September for more than 5 days. claims that it was a hardware problem, not a trouble from hackers etc.  Yet I have a feeling that it may be related to this problem.

I notified the problem to both and and requested them to clear the block.  So far no change in the situation.

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