JSS - Pledge for the Waterfront Marathon

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JSS - Pledge for the Waterfront Marathon

Post  JSS on Tue Sep 23, 2014 9:22 pm

Toronto Waterfront Marathon
Dear All,

This e-mail is sent to JSS all  members, volunteers, board members,  and anyone who is interested in JSS and its work.    

Time flies so fast and now we are in the middle of the transition period of summer to fall.  I am sure everyone treasured one or two wonderful memories during this summer.

On Sunday, October 19th, Toronto Waterfront Marathon will take place. Both our counsellors, Mr. Takanori Kuge and Ms. Junko Mifune, will take part in this marathon for the fund raising for JSS.  Mr. Kuge runs the whole distance of 42km (full marathon) and Ms. Mifune runs 21 km (half marathon).  The distance is regarded as rigorous, and they take this task very seriously and are practicing very hard.  This is the JSS's pilot project, and I really hope this will turn out to be successful so that we can continue in the future.

There are three ways listed below to help this project.

1) Please click here to open the flyer with a pledge sheet. I would appreciate it very much if you could ask your friends and colleagues to fill in the form and pledge whatever amount you and your friends want to donate.

2) Please click here and you will find the article about the Waterfront Marathon and the donate button there.  You can donate on line.

3) If you prefer to write a cheque to JSS, please make payable to Japanese Social Services.  Make it clear in the memo on the cheque that the funds are for Waterfront Marathon and mail or bring it to JSS, c/o JCCC, 6 Garamond Court, Toronto  M3C 1Z5, Ontario. 
The tax receipts will be issued to all donations over $10.00.
Your warm understanding and cooperation will allow JSS to continue to provide the best services for the worthy causes in our community.   Thank you for your support.

Best regards,

Junko Yamamoto
Fund raising Chair




さて、来月(10月)の19日にはScotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathonが催されます。このマラソンでJSSのカウンセラーである公家孝典氏と三船純子氏のお二人がJSSのファンドレイジングの為に走られます。公家氏は全行程の42kmを、三船氏はその半分の21kmという過酷な距離を完走する為、日夜練習に励んでおられます。これはJSSのファンドレイジング活動として今年初めて企画され、もしこの活動がうまく行った場合は、今後もずーっと続けていく予定です。 




3)小切手:お支払いのあて先はJSS(Japanese Social Services) 、Memo欄に”Waterfront Marathon”と記載し、郵送、または直接JSSオフィスへお持ち下さい。

住所:c/o JCCC, 6 Garamond Court, Toronto, M3C 1Z5, Ontario 





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