Report of Internet Club Spring Meet / IIEC春の例会の報告

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Report of Internet Club Spring Meet / IIEC春の例会の報告

Post  IIEC on Tue Apr 29, 2014 10:15 am

(English message is after the Japanese message)

IIECML members,

4月27日(日) JCCC 2階 ヒロコ バラル ルーム。1pm-4pm。

[] 情報交換された話題
今を反映してsmart phone/tabletの多くの情報が交換されました。
* 月面からの反射を利用した無線交信。
* Windows XPのsupport終了でWindows 7に買い換えた話。
* 使いにくいOffice 2013のmenuを2003/2010レベルにするsoftware。
* Future Shopの古いHard Diskの処理サービス。
* メキシコでAtariの古いゲームを大量に掘り出した話。
* iPhone / smart phoneのsecurity - Patternやfinger printなど。
* iCloudにfilesなど保存の話。
* iPhoneにしたらPCのWindowsとの互換性がなくなる。
* Smart phoneのtext messageをe-mail addressへ転送する。
* Smart phoneからmovieをdownload + Upload。
* Smart phoneで日本語のtextをタイプするApp。
* Tabletには3種類:Apple、Android、Windows。
* 日本滞在中の携帯電話レンタルの情報諸々。
* 日本のFree WiFiの状況。ないに等しい。
* Portable hard driveの信頼性。Solid state hard drive。
* 3D printer。
* Filmのネガからdigitizeするsoft/サービスある?
* JCCCの1階にfree WiFiがある。(2階では弱すぎる)。
* Digital cameraのいろいろ。
* 自分の声をdigitizeできるか。歌っている時の音程の正確さ。
* 毎週金曜日のHBRでの赤岡さんのcomputer無料相談。1pm-4pm。
* 犬を預かった為、蚤が来てしまった。処理方法。
* ねずみ、あらいぐま、リスを捕まえた実践的経験談いろいろ。
* 庭に糞をする猫の撃退法。
* 動物の面白い話がいろいろ出ました。



[*]Report on IIEC Spring Meet

April 27 (Sun), Hiroko Barall Room in the 2nd floor, JCCC. 1pm-4pm.

[] Subjects discussed:
In addition to the regulars, young (!) old timers joined.  13 people.
Useful pieces of information were exchanged with a lot of laughs.
A lot of information exchanges on smart phones and tablets.
* Radio ham communication using the reflection from the moon surface.
* Purchase of Windows 7 due to the end of XP support.
* Software that imitates Office 2003-2010 menu in Office 2013.
* Future Shop service to deal with old computer and hard drive.
* Digging up of a large number of Atari game cassettes in Mexico.
* iPhone / smart phone security - Pattern, finger print etc.
* Saving files to iCloud.
* No compatibility between iPhone and Windows PC.
* Forwarding text messages from smart phone to e-mail address.
* Movie download + Upload from / to smart phone.
* Three OSs for smart phones: Apple, Android and Windows.
* Cell phone rental while in Japan.
* Free WiFi situation in Japan. Bad.
* Reliability of portable hard drive.  Solid state hard drive。
* 3D printer.
* Digitizing from film negatives.  Any software or service?
* Free WiFi is available in the 1st floor of the JCCC. Too weak in the 2nd floor.
* Talk on digital cameras
* Digitizing your own voice while singing to check the accuracy in tune.
* Free consulting service on computer by Mr Akaoka every Friday 1pm-4pm at HBR.
* After taking care of a dog of a friend, lice spread in the house.
* Practical stories / experiences dealing with mice, raccoons, squirrels etc.
* How to get rid of cats that leave feces in your lawn.
* There were other interesting stories on animals.

... etc., etc. It was full of laughter during the two hours and half...
If you have corrections or additions, please forward them to IIECML

[] IIEC Meetings: Twice a year, normally 3rd Sundays of Apr and Oct.
[] If needed we will meet more often.
[] Seminar topics do not need to be related to internet or computer.

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