Breaking NEWS: JC Community Picnic CANCELLED

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Breaking NEWS: JC Community Picnic CANCELLED

Post  JCCC on Thu Jun 13, 2013 6:07 pm

Breaking NEWS: JC Community Picnic CANCELLED

Hi Everyone:
I just found out that "due to public liability and environmental issues, we are NOT able to hold this year's JC Community Picnic at Caledon Place".
This is hugely disappointing, not only personally but from a community point of view as well.
We have held a JC community picnic for the past 36 years since the JC Centennial in 1977, and this would have continued a long-standing tradition. However, at this late date, I feel we cannot scramble to find an alternate location.
It is hugely unfortunate, but beyond our control. 

Therefore, please notify your respective organizations, family and friends of this sad news.
Hopefully, we will be able continue this fine community picnic tradition in the future.

Thank you,

Martin Kobayashi | Branch Manager

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