CBC番組「二番目の波(東日本大震災)」3月8日(金)9pm / CBC TV "Second Wave " March 8th (Fri) at 9:00 pm (The “Fifth Estate” Program)

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CBC番組「二番目の波(東日本大震災)」3月8日(金)9pm / CBC TV "Second Wave " March 8th (Fri) at 9:00 pm (The “Fifth Estate” Program)

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March 11th, 2013 will be the second anniversary of the Tsunami disaster in Japan. As time passes, people are assuming that the damage has been repaired, and that life has returned to normal. This is not the case. Despite the best efforts of those involved to move forward, progress is painfully slow.

On March 8th there will be a programme, titled “The Second Wave”, on CBC television Ch. 5 that will show the true state of affairs. A boat washed up in B.C. and was found by a lady who wanted to contact the original owner. She was able to do so, and both will appear in the programme, along with dramatic emotional footage of the way things are today.

I am extremely grateful to the producer and director of this programme for keeping this catastrophic event in the forefront of the public’s mind in such an empathetic way, and for permitting me the honour of creating the calligraphy used in the show that reflects the programme’s title evokes images of the devastation.

Please watch it if you can.
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昨日はトロントのCBCテレビのスタジオで、3月8日(金)9pm放送の「Second Wave/二番目の波」という番組のタイトルの書を撮影をしました。




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