Dance Event at Harbourfront Centre: Susuriwka

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Dance Event at Harbourfront Centre: Susuriwka

Post  JF on Sun Aug 05, 2012 4:18 pm

Supported Event:

August 17-19 at Harbourfront Centre
North American Premiere! Planet IndigenUS is proud to present another dynamic cross-cultural exchange, the commissioning of the North American Premiere of Susuriwka - Willow Bridge with Kaha:wi Dance Theatre and the Ainu people of Japan.

Susuriwka is an Ainu word meaning willow bridge and was offered up as a fitting title by Ainu composer Oki. The willow tree holds sacred meaning for the Ainu and the bridge represents our inter-dependent and connected web of existence. As with traditional Ainu and Iroquois practice Susuriwka - Willow Bridge intertwines music and dance together by taking inspiration from Ainu rhythms and the melodious serenity of Tonkori while maintaining a strong sense of connectedness to the earth.

At its essence Susuriwka - Willow Bridge is a dance piece that explores the connection between Iroquois and Ainu song and dance, and expresses and honours our many shared cultural beliefs while seeking relevance and empowerment from our ancient tenants in today's reality.

Co-produced with Yokohama Noh Theatre, Kaha:wi Dance Theatre, and Harbourfront Centre's Planet IndigenUS Festival 2012.

Presented with support from the Japan Foundation Performing Arts Japan Grant Program.


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